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Our Partners

We have an extensive range of partners, including local businesses, schools and sports clubs. Our partners provide us with facilities and/or resources that enable us to deliver an extensive range of activities across the Midlands.

Our facilities partners provide us with safe and secure environments from which to host our courses. 

Our resource partners are formed from a mixture of commercial businesses and local authorities and provide us with funding and resources to support elements of our course delivery. 

Surrey County Council - Logo.jpg
Nottinghamshire County Council - Logo.png

Interested in becoming a partner?

Join us as partner on a facilities and/or resource basis and benefit from:

- being part of fantastic projects such as the Holiday, Activity and Food (HAF) Programme that provides free places on our courses for children in your local community

- an additional revenue stream

- increased marketing and celebration of your existing service(s)

- employment opportunities for your staff/members that compliment their existing studies/careers

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